A good coach, the great Notre Dame coach Ara Parasheghian once said, “will make his players see what they can be rather than what they are.”

We want to show you just how good you can be — writing a book, managing a team, editing a publication or website — and save countless hours in the process.

For years, Charles Euchner of The Writing Code has been offering guidance to people working on major writing projects — books, RFPs and reports, annual reports and proposals, and graduate theses.

Now, with The Writing Code, Euchner offers a complete system for writing big projects. Whether you’re a first-time author or an experienced veteran — or whether you work on RFPs and proposals for a public or nonprofit agency — Euchner can save you countless hours right away.

Euchner shows you how to:

  • Turn a vague idea into a workable topic
  • Gather the information you need
  • Organize your ideas and files — to save hundreds of hours and never lose sight of your best insights and materials
  • Use pictures to spark the imagination and write more efficiently
  • Write early draft “fragments” easily and well
  • Organize the pieces of your manuscript for maximum impact
  • Edit your drafts without melting down
  • And more

Look at what people who have worked with Euchner say on the right-hand column of this page.

What Euchner does for individual authors, he can also do for whole organizations too. In fact, working in groups multiplies the improvements you will make. When everyone understands the most powerful approach to writing — and when everyone can help each other, even police one another  –  you get the kind of power you need for real change.

Contact us right now at (203) 645-6112 or email us here for a free consultation. In just minutes, we’ll have the beginning of a plan to help you write better, faster, more precisely and creatively.

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