Imagine a company or department that uses a dozen different computer systems and IT specialists. Or a department with a range of procedures for payroll or reimbursement. Or an organization that sets a variety of hiring and HR procedures.

Crazy, right? That organization would be inefficient and confusing, to insiders and outsiders alike. Distracted by day-to-day inefficiencies, people couldn’t tap their creativity to make the most of their opportunities.

That’s exactly the situation that most businesses—even world-class Fortune 500 corporations—face with their writing. Staffers write in a jumble of styles, with different expectations from department to department—and even within offices and work groups. Some write well, others don’t. Either way, the quality of writing is an accident.

But with a simple new system for mastering writing in all fields, the professionals in your organization can write better and faster—and with a common set of standards—than ever before.

Studies show that people learn better in groups. When you are part of a team — and when members of the team reinforce each other’s new skills — transformation can happen almost instantly.

The Writing Code—the only comprehensive system for writing, based on the latest research on the brain and taught by an Ivy League teacher and researcher—can help your organization transform writing in as little as one week.

Once upon a time, writing didn’t matter so much in business. The goal was to build stuff or manage people, better and cheaper. But in this age of bureaucracy and information, we need to comply with endless regulations and rules. And we need to coordinate projects, analyze angles, and touch base more than ever before.

With The Writing Code, any business create a powerful new culture of ideas. Not only will you write better—dramatically better—you will also save thousands of hours. You will unleash creativity. You will find the clarity and space to develop creative approaches at all levels.

In as little as one week, The Writing Code can transform the way people in your organization write. We etch strong, clear writing into your organization’s DNA.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Setting goals: Identify the top three goals for your organization. Do you want to write more effective internal memos, emails, and reports? Develop a public relations strategy, with crisp press releases, web copy, and annual reports? Chart a new course of growth? We’ll outline these goals — and how different players in the organization can make it happen with better writing.
  • Assessment: We conduct The Writing Code’s A to Z Evaluation of the skills of all the writers in your organization. Only by knowing the tools in your toolbox can we develop a strategy to add the missing ones.
  • Seminars: Starting with a one-day, organization-wide seminar, we give you the skills you need. Just as important, we give you common language and strategies to move forward.
  • Coaching sessions: After the assessments and seminar, we hold several one- and two-hour sessions to help you understand how to use your strengths to fix your weaknesses.
  • Systemwide plan: Forget about goals. We’ve done that already. Now we identify specific strategies to apply your new skills, every day, so those skills become automatic.
  • Followup: Occasionally, we assess the state of writing in the organization, using the A to Z Evaluations to see where everyone stands.

The Writing Code works. Because of our unique system—the only comprehensive, brain-based system anywhere—we can show you what you need to know right away.

Call today for a free consultation. Before you know it, your company can be writing better and faster—saving hundreds and even thousands of hours—with greater opportunity to focus on the core mission of the organization.