When you come to a fork in the road, take it.
–Yogi Berra

In our lives and careers, we face a series of turning points. Getting into the right college or grad school. Advancing in work. Making a career shift. Retooling after an absence from the job market. Looking back or forward with a book or other major project.

Writing well offers a powerful path to success. Once upon a time, only writers wrote. But with the explosion of media, bureaucracy, the service economy, globalism — and more — we all need to master writing.

Writing offers not just a means to communicate. It also offers a path of discovery. When you master our unique writing system — which you can do in a single six-hour seminar — you will possess a powerful edge in your life and career.

Write Your Way to Success in School
Competition for college admissions has never been steeper. Some families spend $10,000 or more for consultants to get the ultimate edge on the competition. But that’s not necessary. When you master our unique approach, you will make your best case for getting into the college of your dreams.

In this dynamic program, we teach you the secrets of powerful storytelling — and then use those skills to master all of the more abstract skills of writing, from building sentences and paragraphs to mastering grammar and punctuation two editing your drafts till they’re polished and ready to go.

The program also gives you the writing skills you need to succeed in school. Don’t just give the teacher what she or he “wants.” Write to understand your subject more deeply. And learn how to connect with your audience. What you learn in this program will serve you for a lifetime . . . and save you hundreds and even thousands of hours.

Write Your Way to Career Success

Surveys show that 70 percent of all workers are looking for a new job. But most of those seekers will never find what they’re looking for — because they don’t know themselves.

This five-hour program shows you how to use storytelling and writing strategies to develop a powerful plan of action for a new career. By tapping your innate powers of storytelling, you will be able to “script” your career story for the next five and ten years.

In the old days, few professionals needed to write on the job. These days, writing is a necessity for almost everyone. In all fields — even non-writing professions like  engineering, sales, computers, and retailing — writing gives you the invisible edge you need to climb the career ladder. In this seminar, we show you how to master the essential documents of the workplace  – emails, memos, reports, RFPs and proposals, and PR and social media.

With our unique system for all of the technical challenges of writing — building great sentences and paragraphs, grammar and punctuation, and editing — you will save countless hours and deliver more effective documents in the process. But wait; there’s more. We will also show you that storytelling techniques that will engage the reader’s emotions and make your audience part of your narrative.

Write Your First Book . . . And Establish Yourself as an Expert

Writing a book is just like writing 100 or so short essays, right? Well, not exactly. Books present unique challenges for even experienced writers. Writing a book is a management challenge involving gathering and sorting information, coordinating interviews, breaking down the project into manageable pieces, writing drafts, and combining the pieces into a coherent whole. Virtually all authors lose hundreds of hours because of problems managing the process.

This program shows you how to flatten the learning curve. Charles Euchner, the author or editor of a dozen books and a coach to authors of all backgrounds — from first-timers to veterans and bestsellers — has identified the ways that book projects go off the track. By following simple techniques, he shows you how to shed bad habits and develop good habits to write better and faster than ever before.

Why write a book? For some, the reward comes with the creative process. For others, it’s all about establishing themselves as leaders in the fields. Nothing offers a better “calling card” than a thoughtful, well-written book in your field. When companies, conferences, government agencies, and the media look for an expert, the often start with this question: Has someone written a book on it? Be that “someone.”

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